Chakra Asana – The Wheel Posture

By | August 7, 2016

How to Do The Wheel Pose

  • Lie flat on the back in the shava-asana (corpse pose).
  • While exhaling bend the knees and bring the feet as close to the buttocks as possible
    with the soles of the feet flat on the floor.
  •  Bend the arms at the elbows and place the palms of the hands flat on the floor directly under each shoulder with the fingers pointing toward the back.
  • While inhaling slowly, begin to raise the head, back and buttocks off the floor while
    arching the spine. Continue to press downward on the hands and feet while raising the hips and stomach as high as possible.
  • Hold for the duration of the held inhaled breath. When you can’t hold the breath
    comfortable any longer, slowly exhale and return the back to the floor, slide the legs
    out straight returning to the shava-asana.
  • The chakra-asana is either held for the duration of the inhaled breath or between one and three minutes while breathing gently through the nostrils. Repeat it two or three times.

Benefits of The Wheel Pose 

  • The chakra-asana is more challenging than most other yoga postures. Don’t be discouraged if your unable to accomplish it right away. Even attempting this posture without successful completion holds great benefits.
  • First and foremost is the strength and suppleness it restores to the spine.
  • The chakraasana has an overall tonic effect for the entire body.
  • It strengthens the arms, shoulders and upper back as well and stimulates the cardiovascular system.

Caution while doing The Wheel Pose

  • If you have heart problems, high blood pressure, ulcers in the stomach, bone problems, do not attempt this posture.

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