How to Do Vakrasan Come in the initial position.Keep both the legs together. Bend the right leg from the knee and place the right leg’s sole adjacent to the left knee. Arrange the right hand in the line of the spine at the back. Now bend the left hand and place it behind the knee… Read More »

Vajrasana – The Thunderbolt Pose

How to Do Vajrasana – The Thunderbolt Pose Sit on the mat. Sit with both legs together and stretched. Place the palms on the floor by the side of the thigh, comfortably. Bend the right leg from the knee as the big toe remains inside. Set the heel outside touching your buttock. Similarly bend your left… Read More »

Tiryak Tadasan

How to Do Tiryak Tadasan Stand erect. Keep both the feet together. Spread both the hands at both the side. Stop at the line of shoulder. Turn the palm up towards the ceiling. Again stretch the hands up. Pull both the hands in ‘Namaskar’ pose. Interlock the fingers. Turn the palms and again stretch up.… Read More »

Trikonasan – The Triangle Pose

How to Do Trikonasan -The Triangle Pose Stand erect. Make apart your feet as it is possible. Bend forward with lower back. Put both the hands on the ground between the legs. Now draw your right hand towards the left big toe. Stretch the left hand towards the ceiling. Look at the left hand. Stay for… Read More »

Bhastrika Pranayam – Bellow’s Breath

Bellow is called as “Bhastrika” in Sanskrit. Inhale and exhale forcefully like a bellow of the blacksmith. There is some diversity about this pranayam.   How to Do Bhastrika Pranayam – Bellow’s Breath Sit in “Padmansan” (Lotus Posture) or “Siddhasan” (Perfect Posture). Keep your back and neck straight and start from “Rechak” (to exhale). Do “Purak”… Read More »

Suryabhedana Pranayam – Sun Piercing

How to Do Surya Bhedana Pranayam Sit in “Padmasan” (Lotus Posture) or “Siddhasan” (Perfect Posture). Close the left nostril with two back fingers (ring & little). Inhale from the right nostril. Do “Jalandharbandh” (Chin Lock). Do “Kumbhak”. Then exhale through left nostril. This is called a one round of “Suryabhedan” (Sun Piercing). Similarly do the… Read More »

Sheetali Pranayam -The Cooling Pranayam

How to Do Sheetali Pranayam  Sit in any meditative posture. Pull out your tongue up to 1/2 -3/4 inch and fold by both the sides as it becomes like a pipe. The tongue will be pressed between both the lips. Tongue will remain like the pipe at both the sides inside and outside of the mouth.

Savasana – The Corpse Pose Benefits and Steps

Savasana Savasana also known as Shavasana is one of the very important yoga poses. Savasana is named as The Corpse Pose in English. Savasana Steps | Corpse Pose Steps Lie flat on your back with your legs together but not touching, and your arms close to the body with the palms facing up. Keep your eyes gently… Read More »

Anulom Vilom

How to do Anulom Vilom Sit in “Padmansan – The Lotus Pose” or “Siddhasan The Perfect Pose”. If you cannot sit in it, sit in “Sukhasan – The Easy Pose.   Make a “Pranavmudra” of right hand. Close first two fingers (Pointer and middle) and open last two fingers (ring & little).   After exhalation, close… Read More »

Padhastasan : The Standing Forward Bend Pose

How to do Padhastasan : The Standing Forward Bend Pose Stand erect.   Keep your feet together. Bend forward from the waist gently. Simultaneously release your body. Stay for a while and again try to bend somewhat more.   Put both the hands on the ground and try to touch the knees with your forehead.  … Read More »