Tiryak Tadasan

By | August 7, 2016

How to Do Tiryak Tadasan

  • Stand erect.
  • Keep both the feet together.
  • Spread both the hands at both the side. Stop at the line of shoulder. Turn the palm up towards the ceiling.
  • Again stretch the hands up. Pull both the hands in ‘Namaskar’ pose.
  • Interlock the fingers. Turn the palms and again stretch up.
  • With the stretched hands bend left side laterally from the waist.
  • Keep the hands straight from the elbow. Keep the hands stretched.
  • Face should be in the middle of both the hands.
  • Don’t bend forward side(it is wrong).
  • Stay for a while.
  • Then make the hands and face straight. Again stretch the hands up and bend right side laterally.
  • Stay for a while.
  • Maintain the final posture at both the sides for the same time duration.

Benefits of  Tiryak Tadasan

  • Fats of belly, waist and hips reduces.
  • Balance comes in the body.
  • Efficiency of the lungs increases greatly.
  • It is very helpful in the asthma and other respiratory disorders.
  • Body muscles become flexible and strong.
  • Cures pain of waist, back and shoulder.
  • It is useful to increase the height, up to certain age.

Cautions while performing Tiryak Tadasan

  • People having more rigidity in their back and spine should do it with a great cure.
  • Maintain your balance properly in the final pose.
  • If you cannot do with legs together, you can also do with some distance between two legs.

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