Trikonasan – The Triangle Pose

By | August 7, 2016

How to Do Trikonasan -The Triangle Pose

  • Stand erect.
  • Make apart your feet as it is possible.
  • Bend forward with lower back.
  • Put both the hands on the ground between the legs.
  • Now draw your right hand towards the left big toe.
  • Stretch the left hand towards the ceiling. Look at the left hand.
  • Stay for a while.
  • Come back gently and draw your left hand to the right big toe.
  • Stretch the right hand towards the ceiling. Look at the right hand.
  • Stay for a while.
  • Then come back. Stay both the side for the equal time limit.

Benefits of Trikonasan -The Triangle Pose

  • Massaging effect occurs to the internal organs of the belly.
  • It is very beneficial in gas trouble, acidity, constipation, heaviness of belly etc.
  • It activates digestive system.
  • Efficiency of the heart and lungs increases greatly.
  • Cures waist pain, back pain and shoulder pain. Obesity reduces.

Cautions while performing Trikonasan -The Triangle Pose

  • People having stiff spine, should do with a great care.
  • Maintain your balance.

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