By | August 7, 2016

How to Do Vakrasan

  • Come in the initial position.Keep both the legs together.
  • Bend the right leg from the knee and place the right leg’s sole adjacent to the left knee.
  • Arrange the right hand in the line of the spine at the back.
  • Now bend the left hand and place it behind the knee of right leg.
  • The left hand can be placed in 2 to 3 positions. Bend it from the knees. Place the left palm on the around or held the ankle of the right leg with left leg.
  • Now press the left hand behind the right knee and stretch the face towards right shoulder and stretch the chin also.
  • In the final pose do normal breathing. Loosen your belly. Stay for 30-60 seconds.
  • Come back with reverse action gently.
  • Similarly do it with the other leg. Stay for the same time duration for both the legs.

Benefits of Vakrasan

  • Muscles of upper back and lower back become flexible and strong.
  • Spine also becomes flexible and strong.
  • Spine also becomes flexible and capable.
  • Spine and belly are squeezed just like clothes. So, the ligaments and cartilages become strong.
  • Spine and belly gain pure blood. There is massaging effect to the visceral organs of the belly.  
  • As the pressure is increased on the belly, it affects gall bladder, pancreas, stomach and intestine positively.
  • It is much beneficial in diabetes.

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